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Urban Intelligence has been designed by planners and property professionals that are passionate about delivering faster and smarter public services that meet the needs of citizens.

From the village hall to Whitehall, in challenging times with fewer resources, we can reduce your costs whilst offering more insight.

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Identify surplus property for other policy objectives.

Urban Intelligence is helping MHCLG to explore where public sector land could be utilised to meet housing need.

The Government wants to deliver 300,000 homes a year across the UK by 2025. The public sector currently possesses significant areas of land that could contribute towards meeting that target. Urban Intelligence was awarded a contract in 2020 to undertake analysis of portfolios of Government departmental land holdings that are either under-utilised or sub-optimal for their current operational demands.

Taking a data-driven and technological approach, we have been able to assess properties for their constraints, local planning policy context, local market potential and development viability and more. The assessments consider whether assets could be better utilised for housing and secure investment for alternative facilities that are more fit for the purpose of the current custodians.

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Portfolio Analysis

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Since 2014, Urban Intelligence has been working to gather hundreds of open and commercially licensed datasets for our SiteScore® planning and property development software.

Our datasets include a wide variety of planning policy inputs from every local authority in the UK. From geospatial designations to indexed CIL rates. These inputs combined with environmental, demographic and market data, provide us with an unparalleled view of your area of interest; whether you’re preparing a neighbourhood plan or a nation-wide strategy.

Combined with your valuable local knowledge, we can get projects up and running quickly and effectively, with minimal effort from GIS or ICT resources. Our team of data and property experts can work with you, no matter what stage your organisation is at in its digital journey.

Special Projects

Understand the development potential of every site in your area.

We’re working with the London Borough of Hounslow to develop a complete database of sites.

Until now, it was unthinkable to appraise every site within a district or region for its development potential without an army of professionals. With Urban Intelligence, you can rapidly test a variety of development, policy and viability scenarios cost-effectively within a single exercise.

We’re currently working with the planning and design team at Hounslow to develop a complete database of every site in the Borough. This will be used to get a holistic picture of each property’s suitability, capacity, achievability and availability for a range of land uses using a specially built design algorithm that works in tandem with a new Borough-wide study of character and context being undertaken by urban designers at Allies & Morrison.

Upon completion, Hounslow will be able to rely on real-time data and analysis of sites for planning and development purposes.

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Why work with Urban Intelligence?

  • The unique blend of skills in our team enables us to provide advice and services in a wide range of areas, from making data available to undertaking sophisticated portfolio analyses of publicly owned assets.
  • Prepare smarter plans that are data-driven, working with your unique context, trends and drivers.
  • Test alternative scenarios to ensure a robust and future proof evidence base for policy and decision making.
  • Deliver results that provide unparalleled insight at lightning speed.
  • Gain new perception at a local, regional and national scale with our comprehensive national database of planning, environmental and market data.
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Special Projects