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Real estate intelligence for whatever the future holds.

Urban Intelligence is supporting a top-100 global investment manager with plans for a new urban logistics fund.

With demand ever-increasing for space to enable more sophisticated supply chains; from the factory or port of entry, to the distribution centre and the last mile, our client is in the process of establishing a new urban logistics fund to capitalise on this growing opportunity. Our analysis has informed our client’s business plan with intelligence on drive-time catchments, and market data, including age and incomes within prospective site proximities.

Additionally, UI is offering intelligence and modelling on locations of existing facilities including competitors and coverage gaps across the UK, highlighting opportunities and competitive risks. UI is also providing impact assessments; from the short term implications of COVID-19 and Brexit, to longer-term consumer trends.

Special Projects

Identifying sites for the most complex use cases.

Urban Intelligence is advising Leicester City Council on locations for a future waste recycling facility.

LCC has appointed Urban Intelligence to assist with the appraisal of new candidate locations for a waste recycling centre. By working with our client to identify a range of geospatial search criteria and requirements, we have been able to design an algorithm to analyse sites across the city.

The project involves considering individual site opportunities from an access and catchment perspective, and scores and weights potential constraints such as; air quality, noise, sustainability (including carbon impact), planning policy, existing ownership and much more.

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Considering the location challenges of tomorrow, today.

From dark kitchens to data centres, we can provide place intelligence for you.

As a technology-led business, we understand that all those streaming services and same-day orders don’t power themselves. The demand for processing capabilities and data storage are increasing the location pressures for new data facilities close to markets and strategic network infrastructure.

Simultaneously, the environmental, economic and social impacts of e-commerce and data management are under increasing scrutiny. Urban Intelligence can provide advice on the risks and opportunities of locations across GB and the tools you need to make better business decisions.

Special Projects

The size of the global datasphere in 2025...

  • 0created every day (1 exabyte = 1 billion GB)
  • 0gigabytes = 1 zettabyte
  • 0Increase in global data storage from 45ZB in 2019 to 175ZB by 2025

How can Urban Intelligence help your business?

  • Understand the opportunities and limits of locations across Great Britain with simple tools designed around you.
  • Whether you want to maximise your access to firms and households, or your activities involve sensitive uses that require safe distance, we can provide the analysis you need to make better decisions.
  • Get detailed business intelligence to choose the right locations. We can provide sophisticated demographic information, drive-time modelling and more.
  • Put that intelligence to work with our Site Search service, helping you to find the place that’s perfect for you.
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Ensure your locations are optimised to reach your market.

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