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Use data insights to reduce the risks, time and cost of infrastructure projects.

Whether you’re working on Crossrail 2 or East-West Rail, we’ve designed our tools to offer compelling economies of scale when working across hundreds or thousands of sites around the UK. That means that you can harness technology to bring down the costs and time it takes to deliver your projects’ objectives.

Get the full picture.

Understand the risks from the start to avoid unexpected costs later.

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear about a frustrating delay to an infrastructure project due to risks related to legals and planning. Urban Intelligence was designed by planners for smartly planning everything from individual homes to entire regional ecosystems. You can use our tools to identify the ownership, environmental and planning constraints and other risks that might limit the development potential of new project routes and networks.

From broadband and bus routes to schools and supermarkets, our tools can also be used to identify the future impact of development proposals on infrastructure. Our comprehensive database of projects, planning proposals, constraints and more, means that you can accurately predict capacity requirements related to projects, no matter what stage they are in the development process.

Stop working in silos.

Undertake comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of projects to understand your impact.

With our modelling, we can help you to identify the benefits of investment by helping you to map out comprehensive baseline development, demographic and market information around localities, towns and regions. This enables you to identify when existing projects such as housing schemes are likely to be delivered, or how you might be able to tie into existing regeneration investment proposals to unlock more value from your project.

We can use our viability calculations to estimate the likely planning gain that projects might deliver, which could contribute to vitally needed infrastructure. You can also examine multiple scenarios to test the potential up or downside of your forecasts. ‘What if Project A doesn’t happen or there’s an economic downturn?’. We can help you to simulate and forecast different project outcomes with robust and sophisticated modelling. This means your project is ready for any eventuality.

Model infinite scenarios.
Measure what matters, not what’s easy.

We can help you to model the sustainability impacts of your project from carbon to walkability.

Planning has always been a tough thing to do. Before advanced computational modelling, planners had little choice but to use statistical estimates and ‘best guesses’ for projects. We can help you model the actual impact of your projects based on their unique context and simulated interactions between users and stakeholders in a range of scenarios.

The data to power your plans for the Green Revolution

Preparing the infrastructure for electric vehicles

With UK Government plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the drive towards electric vehicles is expected to intensify. A key barrier to adoption for consumers is the availability of a charging infrastructure across the country. Urban Intelligence can help you to identify locations for new electrical charging points and help investors and developers identify gaps in network coverage.

Analyse thousands of sites in weeks, not months.

Transport for London needed to act quickly in order to make a business case for investment.

They came to Urban Intelligence.

Read more about our award-winning TfL Case Study.

TfL Case Study

How can we help your project?

Using our unique database of planning policy, market context, environmental constraints and more, we can:

  • Reduce the risks, time and cost of infrastructure projects
  • Minimise ‘silo effects’ and ensure joined-up holistic thinking from the start
  • Deliver value to the taxpayer by testing a range of data-driven scenarios in advance of costly surveys
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